Loop-Record Video FOREVER

Baby’s first steps, hit a hole in one, finally land that trick.

AfterSave is a loop-recording video camera. It records to a temporary file and starts automatically deleting old frames to make more disc space available for new frames. Recording in a loop allows you to keep on filming forever.

You will never run out of disc space!

How is it different?

When using other applications to record video, you will eventually have tens or hundreds of video files in your device which you need to delete to make disc space available for new recordings. The other tactic to keep your disc clean is deleting your latest video immediately before starting a new one.

AfterSave does this automatically.

What is it for?

Actions that may happen but you don't know when.

AfterSave allows you to keep filming forever, you just have to save after something happens.

No repetitive starting and stopping a recording.
No filling up your disc space with useless videos where nothing happens.
No manually deleting file(s) to make more disc space available to continue recording.
No missed moments!

Actions that are repetitive.

AfterSave allows you continue filming and save when you get it right.

Less re-takes of your actions.
Less searching for good takes to keep and bad ones to delete.
Less trimming of excess video.
Less work for quality!


Special moments

For example capturing your baby’s first steps gets easier when you have the possibility to film everything. Or maybe you want to film just in case you hit that hole in one. Just place your device somewhere suitable and keep filming all day. If something happens, go get your device and save it right after the special moment.


For example making a video memo of you playing music. You could be just noodling around or maybe trying to come up with new ideas for a solo part. When you stumble upon a nice lick or a melody, quicksave the last minute or last seconds.


For example learning a new athletic technique or something for your hobby. You are likely to make hundreds or thousands of repetitions and it is important to see how you made a mistake or how it looks when you did good. Instead of recording your full practice session, just keep filming all the time and save whenever it makes sense.

Download for free and learn how loop-recording works. Upgrade to premium for full access to all features!

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